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Upcoming Meetings

April 25, 2015
Pet birds welcome!

Capital Area Humane Society
3015 Scioto-Darby Exec. Ct.
Hilliard, OH 43026

Business meeting at 1:30

Social event 2:30 - 4pm

Committee planning
Nomination for position of president
Presentation on soaking vs sprouting


Fun Events


    A Bird Show!

Perch Talk

MAEBS officers would like to thank members for holding true to the club's mission statement in a way that is extremely pleasing to the club's original founders.

Mission Statement:

The specific purpose for which this club has been formed is to advance the knowledge and expertise in the areas of breeding and caring for exotic birds.


In The Beginning:

  • The Mid American Exotic Bird Society (MAEBS) was formed on October 13, 1980 by:

    Richard E Baer, DVM
    Mark Reader
    Donn Griffith, DVM
    Stephen W. Daulton
    Jane Washburn
    Jerry King
    William Maynard

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